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Hurtighakke K55

Kutter/mixer med 5,5l bolle, variabel hastighet 300-3700 rpm. Leveres med mikrotanned blad.

2 in 1 machine: table-mounted cutter and emulsifier thanks to the ergonomic
and easily dismountable scraper, in heavy duty composite material, for
liquidizing, mixing and mincing in a matter of seconds. Stainless steel 5,5 liter
bowl with high chimney to increase the real capacity of the bowl (use up to
75% of nominal capacity). Unique bowl design for mixing both large or small
quantities. Transparent lid to check consistency of food and to eventually
add ingredients without having to open the lid. Hinged cover, when lifted,
remains open to permit a fast and easy check of preparation. Microtoothed
blades in 420 AISI stainless steel. All parts are easily dismantled and
dishwasher safe. Multiple safety devices ensure the machine will only operate
when the cover is properly closed and all parts are correctly positioned. Flat
and waterproof control panel with on/off button, pulse function and variable
speed (from 300 to 3700rpm). Possibility to upgrade to a combi machine with
an optional kit to add the vegetable slicer attachment.

Varenr 603713 Effekt 1,3 kW Last ned teknisk datablad

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